Five radio stations were shut down in the states of Zulia and Miranda

The radio station Cosmopolitan 107.9 was taken off the air, although the telecoms regulatory agency Conatel made a “routine visit” a year before (Photo: M. Rivero/Notitarde)
Wednesday January 04, 2012  11:41 AM

A total of 27 Venezuelan FM radio stations were shut down in Venezuela in 2011 by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel).

Five of the stations were closed in the state of Zulia, and a similar number were shut down in the state of Miranda; Monagas (4), Nueva Esparta (3), Táchira, Falcón and Carabobo (2) and Barinas (1).

The Venezuelan telecoms regulatory agency said that such stations were illegally using the radio-electric spectrum. However, some affected private radio operators disagree with that statement.

For instance, Ricardo Hernández, director of Carabobo Stereo station claimed after the closure of his radio station, that it was operating legally. He stated that Conatel had inspected the radio station in 2010, and made no warnings about the alleged illegal use of the radio spectrum.

On Monday, October 31, a group of Conatel technicians visited Cosmopolitan 107.9 FM radio station located in Valencia, the capital of the state of Carabobo and took it off the air arguing that they were executing an "administrative procedure."

Conatel denied that the radio station had been shut down. However, Cosmopolitan is no longer on the air and the radio station Frenesí 107.9 is now using the spectrum.

The Venezuelan Chamber of Broadcasters is pleased with the measures taken by Conatel. In the words of Enza Carbone, the president of the Chamber, "2011 has been a very positive year for broadcasters, who are satisfied with the measures taken by the Executive Office against underground radio stations."

SOURCE: -Telecoms agency closes 27 radio stations in 10 states in 2011 - Daily News - EL UNIVERSAL
Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia